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#ENDSARS Therapy

#ENDSARS Therapy
It is October 2020, and Nigeria is currently undergoing a period of reckoning with its history of Police Brutality against its citizens. Many of our youth have taken to the streets in order to demand long needed and far-reaching police reform, using the hashtag #ENDSARS to unify the protest both online and in the streets across the country.
In order to help, The Listening Ear Africa initiative, in collaboration with several therapy providers in Nigeria, is now offering free professional therapy sessions for our African Brothers and Sisters, especially regarding police brutality.
As we try to heal the nation, it is important that we heal ourselves at the same time.
Please stay safe and reach out to a listening ear any time you need one.
We support you! We support the movement!
Email us with questions and comments Here
The rules are simple.
1. Fill in the entry form below (Click Submit only Once). Only one entry allowed per person. If you submit a double entry, you will be disqualified.
2. Adults only for now, and you may only apply for yourself (privacy concerns).
3. After submission, please be patient until you've been contacted by a therapist partner
If you've applied or won already, please do not re-enter for the rest of the year that others be given a fair chance. 
Thank you, and stay healthy!
#ENDSARS Therapy Application
What is your Gender?
Have you attended therapy before?

Thanks for applying! 

A Therapist will be in touch with you within the week!

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