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Mental Health

Mental Health
As adults living in a usually hectic and unforgiving world, it is important that we pay serious attention to our mental health.
In order to help, The Listening Ear Africa initiative in collaboration with Ndidi Health is now offering one free professional therapy sessions for applicants from any state in Nigeria for each of two lucky entrants every month in 2022. 
Remote therapy (telemedicine) is also available, so you don't have to worry about social distancing or traveling/commuting for the session!

Email us with questions and comments Here
The rules are simple.
1. Fill in the entry form below (Click Submit only Once). 
2. Adults only for now, and you may only apply for yourself (privacy concerns).
3. After submission, please be patient until the winners are chosen on the stated date, monthly.

Thank you, and stay healthy!

The two winners will be picked and contacted on the first of the month.
Have you ever attended a therapy session before?

Thanks for submitting for the drawing!

Winners will be drawn and contacted on the first of next month!

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